Year end, year begin

I try to avoid writing content for this blog which is (a) timely or (b) personal, but I also haven’t written much at all recently.

2017 was a busy year, full of changes (mainly good!) and interruptions. I didn’t get half as much gaming done as I wanted to, and while I learned a lot about programming in R, I was forced to let a number of my ruby hobby projects fall by the wayside.

I’ve got a few articles half-written for this place that I just never got around to editing, and I’ve got a few ideas for future articles. I have no idea when they’ll get done: January is already shaping up to be busy, and we’re only four days into it. But maybe this is the year that I get my commute writing setup running, or that I finally carve out regular writing time from my week.

Regardless: happy new year, and thanks for poking around the site. If you’re on mastodon, I’m recently joined as - not much content as of yet, but perhaps I’ll post some more raw gaming and coding content there over time.